Long Term Plant Hire

Plants by design…we create plantscapes

As designers of quality interior plantscapes we are passionate about creating plant layouts that are best suited to your premises.
Plants are custom selected to suit your work environment. Indoor plants are used for decorative effect, to break up bleak office interiors, to fill empty spaces and, as natural screens for sights and sounds. Plants also act as effective natural air filters, absorbing many of the toxic products and gases released by modern furnishings and building materials and releasing back oxygen.

All Jarrett plants are chosen for their quality and suitability with design objectives. Quality planters are finished with glass or stone pebbles, natural coconut fibre or bark chips for a pleasing “planted in” appearance.

We care about our plants…

Through our custom developed computer management systems we provide a regular scheduled maintenance program. Our team of qualified Maintenance Technicians will visit your plants and conduct a full maintenance service including watering, cleaning, trimming, fertilising and checking for any signs of illness. Planters and pots are also cleaned on a regular basis.

The plants are our responsibility and are maintained to perfection for the benefit of the plant, the client, and your visitors. If the plant is not happy, neither are we. If any of our plants should deteriorate they will be replaced at no additional cost*. Call us at any time to advise if a plant does not look right.

To assist with the life of our plants, we ask clients not to shift them from the correct positions determined by our initial plan. If a change is requested, we will select a new plant that suits the interior environment with its many subtle aspects of light, air conditioning, public movement and draughts.

To enquire about our indoor plant hire service please click here.

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